10 Things you didn’t know about The cowboy’s secondhand heart


The story of Joseph and Lisa is out now and available to purchase on Amazon.com. The

Joseph and Lisa both had lives before they met each other here are ten things you didn’t know about them.

  1. Joseph’s wife Jennifer died in childbirth the doctors couldn’t stop the bleeding after she delivered Chloe and Jennifer bled to death. They had been married for 3 years when they go pregnant with Chloe and were overjoyed.
  2. Joseph takes a long time to make up his mind about things. One of his favorite places to think is the lake on their property. He goes there often to swim or just look at the waves. It helps settle his mind
  3. Lisa lived in Westminster, a Suburb of Denver before she moved to Hygiene. She could have just as easily stayed in Westminster and been a commuter, but she wanted to be part of the community she was working.
  4. Joseph works the ranch like it is his own because one day he will inherit the entire ranch and buy his brothers and sisters out or he can split it with them. based on a majority vote.
  5. The boys love herding the cows moving them from pasture to pasture to make sure they get the best grass. Joseph uses that time to bond with his father. Lisa is determined to send Chloe to herd the cows next year. She wants Chloe to know that girls can do anything boys can do and have that bonding experience with her father.
  6. Joseph is the oldest and is protective of his younger brothers and sisters, especially his sisters. Sometimes it comes across the wrong way. It can look like Joseph is only concerned about the reputation of the ranch and not his sister’s best interest. That can cause a real problem.
  7. Lisa is no push over she can hold her own against the town bully and come out just fine. But is a little timid around Joseph’s sisters. She was able to bond with Julia over shopping at Christmas when the two girls were able to strike a deal with a jeweler to get Sarah a particularly beautiful squash blossom necklace. They had a problem to overcome when Julia met and fell in love with Bret.
  8. Joseph can become a hardass when it comes to the ranch and his family he won’t even let his family come between what’s best for the ranch. He will always choose the ranch and even if it hurts the family the ranch and its survival is what matters most.
  9. Some say that Lisa came into Joseph’s life to explain Joseph and what he meant to say. Others say that Lisa came into Joseph’s life to make him softer and more understanding, more human.
  10. Lisa and Joseph are both head over heels in love with each other. It took Joseph a long time to get there. Lisa knew it from the moment she bumped his head and he explained that he was giving up the football game to come to back to school night.

Lisa and Joseph have had many adventures falling in love, is just one.

Get a Skill Bump Take a Writer’s Workshop

first appeared August 16, 2021, Blog

It all started when I was doing some research for a blog post. I discovered that my local library had free online teacher-led courses that I’d be interested in. The classes that I’m going to take include writing classes that are structured like workshops. The first class that I’m taking and it starts this week is Romance Writing and then Later there is one on Creative Writing. Each class is 8 weeks, and I expect this first class will improve my pacing and imagery. If you’ve never been to a writers’ workshop you may wonder what exactly a writers’ workshop is? A writers’ workshop is a method of teaching writing whose goal is to create a lifelong writer. It’s based on four principles according to the all-knowing Wikipedia. Students will write about their own lives, they will use consistent writing processes, they will work in authentic ways, and they will develop as independent writers. So, that’s what a workshop is now this is what it can do for  you:

  • Learning literary theory
  • Writing can be learned even if the skills are lacking
  • Meeting people with common interests
  • Reading develops your creativity
  • Learning from experienced writers
  • Testing  your limits
  • Having the pleasure of writing
  • Establishing a routine
  • It helps to overcome deadlines

These are a list of the positives of taking a workshop or writing class but there are also cons and you need to be prepared for those negative aspects as well. Developing a little bit of a thick skin helps.

  • Some people will never understand what you’re writing about
  • Some people will want you to change your entire piece
  • You have to read some really bad pieces of work and try to see the potential
  • Sometimes you have to follow writing prompts
  • When the teacher tells you to change something
  • Writing can be subjective
  • Your work can be considered abstract

There is both good and bad in everything and if you are prepared to accept constructive criticism and ignore the subjective criticism by saying, ‘thank you for your advice.’ You may be ready to attend a writing workshop.