How To Get in The Flow

Flow State AKA the Zone mental state in which a person performing some tasks is fully immersed in a feeling of energized focus full involvement, and enjoyment in the process of the activity, in essence, flow is characterized by the complete absorption in what you do and a resulting transformation in your senses of time. As a person who has found herself in a flow state on several occasions as a painter and as a writer it is a wonderful feeling. The question is how can you achieve such a state. I have twelve great ideas to get you started;

Get a Skill Bump Take a Writer’s Workshop

It all started when I was doing some research for a blog post. I discovered that my local library had free online teacher-led courses that I’d be interested in. The classes that I’m going to take include writing classes that are structured like workshops. The first class that I’m taking starts this week is Romance Writing and then Later there is one on Creative Writing. Each class is 8 weeks, and I expect this first class will improve my pacing and imagery. If you’ve never been to a writers’ workshop you may wonder what exactly a writers’ workshop is? A writers’ workshop is a method of teaching writing whose goal is to create a life-long writer. It’s based on four principles according to the all-knowing Wikipedia. Students will write about their own lives, use consistent writing processes, work in authentic ways, and develop as independent writers. So, that’s what a workshop is now this is what it can do for you:

Critique Partners Who, What, and How

Critique partners are writer colleagues who provide feedback on your work in exchange for providing feedback on their work usually full manuscripts or individual chapters. A fellow writer or author who provides thoughtful and informed feedback on your work based on their knowledge as a writer in exchange you provide the same feedback to them.

Failure Doesn’t Have To Be The End

Failure can be a way of evolving and learning. If we fail with purpose. Analyzing what went wrong and make corrections accordingly. The bigger question is why we fail. Here are ten reasons people fail.


Oh, let me count the ways! (yeah, that was a title pun—sorry!) My favorite thing about Mike is that he’s such a good person. He’s a little goofy at times, and Claire’s probably not the only one who finds his self-deprecation a little grating. But he truly is more interesting than he thinks. Once he develops an interest in something, or someone, whether it’s wrought iron, fine wine, hot stone massage, Maui Sunset Macaws—or Claire—he has to learn all about it. He’s a little obsessive by nature, but Claire hasn’t had a lot of good guys in her life so he’s just what she needs. Plus he absolutely adores her. And isn’t that something we all want and need in our lives?


, I’m Audrey, an Idaho housewife. I live on a soybean and hops farm in rural Idaho eighteen miles out of town and only recently met this author. Her name is Gail Cushman and she’s a piece of work. I’m over sixty-five years old and I was perfectly happy with my life until she sent me on a month-long cruise to Portugal. It wasn’t enough that she took me out of my comfort zone, but she also introduced me to a seventy-year-old dreamboat named Logan, a podiatrist with a foot fetish and insists that I have the prettiest feet around. Gail caused me to second-guess Griff, my husband of nearly fifty years, and now she has written four books about me, Griff, Logan, and a group of other seventy-year-olds who are looking for adventure in their golden years. Gail’s books are laugh-out-loud funny with adventurous quirks. I’ve heard Gail talking about adding books to the series, so I’m looking forward to a boat trip down the Erie Canal and a romantic trip to Paris.  Ooh-la-la!


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