• Have the main character of your last novel introduce you to our readers.

My name is Riccardo. Zoe has a creative mind giving me a backstory of tragedy and bringing me back from the edge of loneliness and into one where I fell in love with a younger woman in her mafia series, Dirty: A Dark Mafia Romance Series. My book is Dirty Deals and in the course of my past I’ve gone from being a man of the law in Israel to the right-hand man of the Don in Italy.

  • Without giving us spoilers introduce your latest and greatest novel or work in progress and let us know which it is and if it’s a WIP let us know when it goes live.

My current work in progress is Puck in the Over, it’s a hockey romance and book 5 in the Maine Maulers Hockey Series. It will go live on October 7th, 2022. The title is a play on the word Bun as in Bun in the Oven. The genre is sports romance, and this will be a surprise baby for one of the hockey players who has been set up on a date with the coach’s daughter.

  • What do you like best about your main character in your latest and greatest or WIP from above

I find the mafia books have to convey a magnitude of character depth. All my characters have a backstory and flaws, and they all involved team members in the hockey series. In the mafia books, it’s all about family. The siblings, and the women the men fall in love with, and change for in some way. For Riccardo, he’s an enigma in 4 books, being the right-hand man of the Don and in charge of their security for all the family members, and his backstory is revealed in the last book of the series as to why this is important to him and why he’s so good at it.

  • Tell us a little about one of your side characters from your latest and greatest WIP?

In Dirty Deals, out July 222nd, most of the characters are involved in the final book and Riccardo’s ward is interesting as she ties into his backstory. She’s a ballet dancer studying in Russia and she’s been with love with Riccardo forever.

  • How did you come up with your idea for the above story?

I love Italy and have contacts in law enforcement and DEA so it’s indirectly a part of my life. Lots of women love a bad guy, and maybe some of the mystique of dark mafia is that we all know the man we usually have the hot chemistry for and the man who lives on the wrong side of the law is exciting, in real life, they seldom get a happily ever after. So books are a safe place to live out the fantasy of the ‘one’ we might have crossed paths with in our real life.

  • What was your writing plan for this book or WIP?

Writing plans, um. I try to write a chapter a day and put out a book every 60 to 80 days. This mafia series comes to a conclusion in July but in a round about way it sets up my next mafia series of standalones that are not as in depth with the suspense and thriller part that stretches over 5 books.

  • How do you handle writers block?

I’m never at a lose of what to write. The books are mostly in my head and it’s having the energy to be an author around the clock with all the hats we wear and create at the same time. If I’m tired, I sleep. I see the grandkids weekly and watch movies to veg out and decompress.

  • Do you have a secret writing ritual and what is it?

A chapter a day keeps me from being overly anxious about deadlines and finishing a book.

  • What is your writing snack?

I’m older so I try to eat once a day! I’d say caffeine is my best friend.

  • What do you do when you’re not writing?

Swimming with my labs to get exercise and seeing my grandkids.

  • What is your favorite season and why?

I love taking vacations in cold weather as I live in Florida and it’s hot most of the year.

  • What is your favorite genre to read and what do you like about it?

I like mafia the best, not the shock and awe with the man being abusive.

  • Do you have a writer mission statement? What is it?

No. I’d say I have to hustle every day.

  • What do you spend your music so you listen to when you write? How does it help to put y ou in the mood?

Sometimes watching a favorite movie in the genre or with the tropes I’m using gives me a new spin for the story. Sometimes a song conveys the characters flaws and I can use that in the book I’m writing. If so, I put it in the books playlist.


 Tell us about your favorite June vacation memory. Or tell us about the vacation that your main character took this year.

Dirty Deals ends with someone’s wedding in Greece! And a potential one in the French Rivieria!



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