1. You are at the best book awards and have won for your latest book. Have the protagonist for that book introduce you and that book.

In this complex and secret underworld, there is no darker enmity than the one between vampires and shifters. Two different but powerful societies, killing each other in the name of their differences, each terrified of the others’ power. His Dark Embrace is volume one of an intense, forbidden attraction between a vampire and a wolf shifter, with secrets, sacrifices, sex…and a love that could destroy their worlds from the inside out. Verika Sloane adores writing heroes with swagger, agendas, and only one need: the love of one woman. Her heroines can do bad all by themselves, but they are at their best when they do it for true love.

  1. Tell us about the protagonist in your latest book what makes him tick?

In my novel His Dark Embrace, Shain Trevyn is driven to accomplish what no other vampire of his station has accomplished: an alliance with an elite vampire well before most would even consider attempting it. Unlike most vampires of his status, he believes his kind has to evolve with the times, rather than maintain a chokehold on the past. In order to be heard, to really influence others in recognizing how things must change, he needs to be one of the upper echelon of the vampire world whilst having enough money and power to protect his parents and older brother. He’s publicly charming when he needs to be, privately resentful at the political game he has to play, and deeply lonely. His ambition keeps him cold, his cynicism keeps him warm, and only true love could ever throw a man this driven off course.

  1. Without giving us any spoilers give us a rundown of your current work in progress.

I’m working on a new dark paranormal romance series about heroes who were sent to hell for committing all manners of sin, but get another chance at life (and love!) when their twin flames accidentally release them into the world. 😉

  1. In your books you have some pretty unique characters and plots, what was your inspiration?

To me, the ultimate romance is are two strong people who need no one…except the one they are meant for. I’m constantly inspired by songs about angst and longing, poems about lost loves, romantic paintings that evoke desire and wonder. I like to use those inspirations and give them happier endings.

  1. In your latest Novel what was the hardest part to write? What was the easiest?

In my most recent fantasy novel Twelve Nights to Forever, I found writing a particular action scene the most challenging. You want it to be fast-paced, vivid, realistic, yet creative. Trying to describe how two men fight is easy to envision, challenging to choreograph with words. The easiest? The scene in the ice queen’s hall. At one point I have six men taking turns in the dialogue, and I just adore writing those scenes with alpha personalities all trying to dominate the conversation and be right. In the end, the woman–their queen– has the last word. And they love it.

  1. What is your secret and strange writing ritual?

I like sensory experiences on occasion. If I’m writing a story set in Fall, I strike a few matches and blow them out for that distinctive scent of burning leaves. If the heroine drinks a certain tea, cocktail, or sparkling water, so will I. If a song reminds me of a hero, I play it on repeat until he tells me what’s next.

  1. How do you schedule your writing time?

I write at night for at least two hours, even if it’s not until midnight. I’m one of those rare creatures who love it when daylight savings time makes it dark at 5pm. Nighttime is the best time.

  1. How do you refill your creative well?

Walks through antique stores. Ballet performances. People watching on the Vegas Strip. Reading old magazine articles.

  1. How do you handle writers block?

Poorly. LOL When I’m hitting a wall, I do research. I interview people in professions I find fascinating or intriguing. I rent an airbnb that’s unique (like a treehouse or a tiny house!) and check out places on my list. I read a lot. I get busy. I get out.  As soon I do, I’m usually swinging on the wrecking ball through the writer’s block soon enough!

  1. What do you do when you’re not writing?

Watching true crime documentaries (detective wannabe), volunteering for the ballet company, dressing up for brunch, dressing down for tacos. I love throwing a themed party: murder mystery, 1980s, game night, lip sync battles are my favorites. And when I’m not writing, I’m plotting. Muahahaha.

  1. What household job do you hate the most and what do you do to get out of it?

Laundry. I wear everything until I’m literally out of clothes and have 8 loads to do. I have no shame.

  1. Do you believe in love at first sight? Why or why not?

Ooh la la, I want to say yes, but I have to say no. You’ll notice in my stories that while lust is at first sight, real love comes after getting to know who someone is (or who they want to be). My favorite type of couple are the types who’d call their partners their best friends as well as their lovers. To me, being equal, having friendship wrapped in lust and tied with love is the ultimate romance.

  1. When you were a kid what did you like to pretend?

That I was a lost member of the Mickey Mouse Club.

  1. What’s your most prized possession?

A vintage brooch of my mother’s.


What’s your favorite on screen kiss?

I’m going to get super specific and go way back to the 90s, but I’ve never forgotten this kiss. Brenda and Sonny on General Hospital. They’re having this angsty scene with the sexual tension in overdrive until he can’t take it anymore. He kisses her passionately until she’s about to melt to the floor, and then he pulls away and says, “The next time we kiss, it’ll be because you came to me.” *dreamy sigh*



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