Meet The Author Laura Brown

  • MeeTell us what your proud mother would say if she were going to introduce you?

This is my daughter, Laura. She hardly ever wears anything but pajamas, reads more than she attends her day job, and writes books, most of the time with characters who have questionable morals. She also seems to find a connection with animals more than most humans and also has a proclivity for breaking out into Disney songs.

  • Tell us how many books you have written? And when did you become a writer?

I have written eight books in total, some are in the editing process some are in the super early stages. I wrote my first ever book when I was fourteen years old and was taken on by a small publisher, who I shall not name when I was eighteen. Being new to the writing world I had very little experience and didn’t see the problems with this publisher early enough.

  • Your book is number 1 on the Barnes and Noble E-books list tell us about that book?

 Two Steps Behind you is a psychological thriller and New adult romance centered on a young woman battling chronic illness as she comes to the chilling realization that she is being stalked by someone obsessed with her. This realization happens to be when her new friend and her brother move to town. The secrets they keep are dark, Delilah attempts to find if they are dark enough to warrant suspicion. Are the links she’s making too tenuous? Doubt and unease is everywhere all the while her stalker gets bolder in their attempts to ‘punish’ and ‘win’ her. This fast-paced thriller holds a representation of the LGBTQ plus community along with representing chronic illness honestly while remaining (hopefully) entertaining.

  • What type of preparation does it take you to get ready to w rite your books?

Usually, I roughly write out the key points that I have threaded together in my head over a few days of intensely ruminating. After this I play out scenes and scenarios again in my head, sometimes this can take an hour other times it may take a few days. I have found it usually depends on the genre of the book I’m writing. Paranormal romance whether adult or new adult tends to take me a lot longer as I find it more complex. Plot holes seem to be abundant so I try to work them out. Once I have a semi-sturdy plan I write out the key points or events that I want in each chapter- eventually, I fill the chapter plans out a bit more, often with squished in scribbles and sticky notes. After this stage, I write the book. I aim to write every day but life does get in the way. If I am super busy I try and write 500 words just so I can have peace of mind that I have gotten some words down. Once the book is written I leave it typically for a week before going through and practically rewriting it. Picking up missed details and adding sentences. I go through it again after this and do a rough edit before I send it to my editor. Once I get the manuscript back I go through the changes and amend it again before I print off the whole thing and edit the smaller details. Once this is done I send it out to a select few people for advice and initial responses and thoughts. I go through the book again with their advice or thoughts in mind before I send it to editing. From there it’s focusing on covers and advertising.

  • Are you a plotter or a pantser? Have you ever tried to write the use the opposite method? What happened?

Definitely more of a plotter. The Watchers, my first ever book originally from my fourteen-year-old mind was not really plotted aside from inside my own head. I would write the odd thing down but it was rare. I honestly love the way I plan books now, I don’t think it will change for a while.

  • What is your secret writing ritual that you can’t write without?

 Background noise. Call me crazy but I need some form of background buzz for me to write, sometimes I listen to my own book playlists of songs I’ve associated with the characters or storyline other times I have SpongeBob on in the background or a Disney film. It depends on the day but I hate writing in silence.

  • What do you drink when you write are you a coffee writer or a wine writer?

Question 7: As someone who can’t drink alcohol I wish I was a wine writer. I hear the saying ‘write drunk and edit sober’ so often and when I could drink I did find that words would flow freely. I am way more of a coffee drinker but I will have the odd tea or hot chocolate just to mix things up a bit.

  • How do you deal with writer’s block?

I step away for however long I need. It’s hard and I feel guilty sometimes but it’s the only way I have found that works.

  • How do you squeeze exercise into your writing schedule?

 I don’t. Joking aside I walk my dog and take regular breaks from my laptop. I do love yoga and meditating which helps but honestly, I don’t do all that much.

  • How long does it take you to write a book?

It depends on the book. Some books have a slower vibe to them but a shorter word count can take me five months whereas a fast-paced Paranormal romance with an overload of characters took me around two months. It honestly depends on the book and my emotional state when I’m writing. There are so many external factors that can influence this.

  • Are you afraid of clowns?

Terrified. No thank you.

  • What household job do you love? And why?

 Does napping count? I do enjoy cooking most days however my husband’s cooking is another level so I am more than happy to relinquish that responsibility to him.

  • What’s your spirit animal?     

 Guinea pig. They sleep, eat, and sleep some more.

  • Do you believe in love at first sight?

Absolutely. I married my childhood sweetheart and knew I loved him just Fromm speaking with him, let alone seeing him.

February Question of the Month

What’s your favorite on-screen kiss?

 I’m not sure about on-screen kiss but my ultimate book first kiss would be Poppy and Hawke from From Blood and Ash by Jennifer L Armentrout.

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