Meet the Author Elizabeth Lynx

  • How would your main character describe you and your books?
    • I have lots of main characters as I’ve written around twenty books. I think they all would have various opinions about me. Some would enjoy my books, mostly the heroines but a few heroes as well. As for me, I don’t know. I think the grumpier characters would get along with me as I’m a bit of a homebody.
  • You write Billionaire books is it hard to imagine what that life might actually be like?
    • Not really. While I research to make sure what a billionaire does or doesn’t do in my book is realistic, you’d be surprised how utterly ridiculous some of the things the ultra-wealthy have said or done in real life. I once had a review for a billionaire book where the reviewer just couldn’t believe one of the scenes in my book. Yet, that particular scene was inspired by what a real life super-rich person had done. It’s fun to make my characters do outrageous things. Always makes me laugh. And since I write romantic comedy, that’s a good thing.
  • What’s special about your protagonists?
    • I have a lot of them so it’s hard to generalize what makes them special. I like to think I write heroine’s that the reader would like to know in real life. Someone funny, down-to-earth, and smart. With the heroes, I try to make them as realistic as possible. That includes faults that have them do something bad or make a bad decision. I also sprinkle a little bit of myself in my characters (both heroines and heroes).
  • What’s tell us about your latest book?
    • My latest book is Fake Marrying the Billionaire. It’s about a billionaire who has it all – looks, money, access to anything and anyone he wants. Then he’s framed for murder and all the things that came easy to him suddenly aren’t so easy to attain anymore. He finds out he must marry a 21 year old virgin (according to his grandfather’s will) and stumbles upon one. The only thing is she doesn’t want to marry him. She’s freshly out of college and working hard to be taken seriously as an adult by the people around her. She’s autistic and hates how her sisters treat her like a child that never grew up. She agrees to help the billionaire find a bride so she can prove to her sisters she’s capable of working a good paying job, even if the job is unusual.
    • I wrote an autistic main character because I wanted more representation of neuro-diverse characters in romance. My boys are autistic and I see everyday how the world treats the neuro-diverse. While I can’t claim to understand what a person with autism goes through, I can write a character that shows neuro-diverse characters want love just like anyone else. They have the same ups and downs and worries just like a neuro-typical person would. Since I was writing about a twenty-one-year-old woman with autism and not elementary age boys (like my sons), I had to do a lot research and talk to women with autism.
  • What was your biggest challenge in writing that book?
    • I would say the biggest challenge writing Fake Marrying the Billionaire was researching autistic women. There’s a lot of information on autism when it comes to children but not as much for adults, especially, adult women. It took longer than I expected so I had to push the release date, but I felt like it was worth it in the end. I love the character of Jami and am so happy how it turned out.
  • Do you generally plot your books or pants your books? Have you ever tried to do the opposite?
    • I’m a plotter but with Fake Marrying the Billionaire I pants it. I had to take a break from writing for a while so when I came back to it, to write the book, I wanted to write it organically. Just let it flow out of me without thinking about it. I feel it worked but I know I can’t rely on that method to work all the time. I’m back to plotting for now.
  • Do you have a special writing ritual or superstition that helps you get in the mood to write?
    • Since I live in a small home with two very loud boys, I’ve had to wear noise canceling headphones when I write. I find if I’m stuck writing or not in the mood to write, the moment I put the headphones on, it gets me in the mood to write.
  • Do you need quiet in order to write, or do you need a certain level of white noise and how do you achieve it?
    • I need quiet, hence the noise canceling headphones.
  • How do you overcome writers’ block?
    • I’ve never really experienced writers’ block. I’ve done creative things most of my life. I was a theater major in college. I was a photographer for a long time. And I used to do improv. The one thing that’s true about creative work is the more you do it, the better you become. If I’m not writing then I’m not getting better at writing. Also, there is no such thing as a perfect creation. There will never be the perfect painting or photograph or play or book. If I believed my books had to be perfect, I would have never finished writing my first book. I think writers sometimes get stuck in their head believing what they wrote isn’t good enough or perfect. I think that makes writers’ block set in. But if you realize there are no perfect books and the only way you can get better as an author is to write, then writers’ block will start to disappear.
  • What’s your greatest writing accomplishment?
    • I love that after eight years of being an author, I’m still doing it and loving what I do. I worked for two decades 9-5 type of jobs that I hated. Only working for the paychecks and the money wasn’t that good. Now when people ask me what I do for a living I tell them with confidence because I love what I do.
  • Have you ever broken the law but felt it was justified?
    • Speeding. But I think most people break the speed limit on the roads at some point in their life. Was it justified? No. Just speeding because I wanted to get to where I was going faster.
  • What’s your favorite house hold chore and why?
    • Nothing. Who likes doing chores?
  • Do you believe in aliens and have we been visited?
    • I’m sure there are living beings somewhere out in the universe considering how vast it is. Do they have the intelligence to visit other planets, like Earth? I don’t know. Considering we’ve just started looking into space for only half a century, if there is life out there intelligent enough to communicate with us, it might be a while until we or they make contact.
  • Are beauty pageants sexist why or why not?
    • I think they are outdated and sexist. I understand they help women get scholarships for an education or money they might not already have access to, but there should be better contests to win those prizes. Not a contest that’s based on looks. The moment they get rid of the bathing suit competition and stop making the women wear costumes and pounds of makeup, then I would see the pageant as something positive for women.

February Question of the Month

What’s your favorite on-screen kiss? Why?

Atonement. The library scene is when James McAvoy’s character kisses Keira Knightley’s character. There’s so much tension between these two leading up to that scene. And the fact there’s no music or anything to encourage the audience to swoon over the moment, makes it that much better.

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