Meet The Author Paige Cuccaro

  • If your best friend introduced you and your books at a writing conference, what would she/ he say?

He usually starts with, “Excuse me. Hi. Did you know my wife’s a published author?”

  • How would you describe your latest books genre?

Adult Paranormal Romance, at least that’s the genre of my most recently released books.    I have a series of Urban Fantasies, and several, and a few romantic comedies. But always firmly in the paranormal universe.   

  • What are you working on? Any new release news to share?

Not new releases, no. But I’m about to have an anniversary Rerelease. Two books that haven’t been available to the public for fifteen years. The first, Queen of Hearts, is one of the very few Adult, normal world, Romances I’ve written.

Garden District princess Samantha Vines is all about propriety, etiquette, and responsibility. She’s worked nearly her whole life to be the headmistress of the prestigious Wheaton Hill Academy and one wrong move could cost her everything. Cross-dressing Vic Cabarini has “wrong move” written all over him but Sam will learn one wrong can lead to a whole lot of rights.

For French Quarter bad-boy Vic Cabarini, things are hard enough trying to figure out who’s sabotaging The Queen of a Hearts drag club. Add dresses, high-heel shoes, scratchy wigs, and a daughter bent on worrying him to an early grave and it’d seem things couldn’t get any harder. But when Samantha Vines pokes her nose into his life, Vic finds ignoring his growing feelings for the curiously sexy schoolmarm might be the hardest thing of all.

What would happen if Mary Poppins was forced to tutor Mrs. Doubtfire’s hormonal teenage daughter? Mary Poppins would learn to dance on the furniture and Mrs. Doubtfire would realize a spoonful of Mary makes the whole world easier to swallow.

The other, Witch Lore, is a really fun Adult Paranormal.

Isabell Dionysus is a witch and she needs to find a man. Not just any man, but a man attuned to magic, a man who will fulfill the agreement her great grandmother made with the fairies long ago and save her humanity. But time’s running out and the luring spell she cast has brought her a man who’s perfect for her in every way but one. He wants nothing to do with magic.

For most of David Pennyfield’s life, he’s managed to deny his gifts until a week ago when his magic sight returned. He’s desperate to banish all magic from his life before it drives him crazy like his mother. But when Isabell, The Witch of Seven Isles, tells him sex magic with her is the only way to get what he wants, David isn’t sure which he wants more…a magic-free life or Isabell.

Both Queen of Hearts and Witch Lore will be available on February 11, just in time for Valentine’s Day. If Valentine’s Day gets you down, these will bring a smile to your face and maybe a little heat to your night.  😊

  • What’s your  secret writing ritual?

I don’t really have one. I just sit down and write. I do best when it’s quiet. But other than that, it’s pretty much just putting my butt in the chair and my fingers on the keyboard.

  • How do you handle writer’s block? What’s the longest time you’ve ever been blocked?

I read, or watch a movie, or two…or three. But I’ve been lucky. I really haven’t experienced it to any serious degree.

  • What do you like to drink and or eat when you write?

Coke Zero. And since I stopped smoking 20 years ago, my ecig (with zero nicotine) helps me focus.

  • Do you write using sprints?

I try to write 2000 words each time I sit down with my laptop. It takes as long as it takes, I guess. LOL

  • Are you a plotter or a pantser? What’s your best advise for others who plot or grow their stories?

Definitely a plotter. I write myself into corners or get sidetracked from the plot without a clear map.

  • What TV show do you binge watch to recharge your brain?

The Big Bang Theory. I don’t even know how many times I’ve seen every episode of every season. That show is my happy place.

  • If dinosaurs where around today which one would you want as a pet?

No thanks!

  • If you could go back to middle school and do your life over from that point with all the knowledge that you have now, would you? Why or Why not?

Only if everyone I love in my current life would remain as they are. Maybe.

  • Would you want to be rescued by a knight on a white horse?

Naw, I like knowing I can rescue my own butt. I hate waiting. LOL

January special question

What was your January, New Years Resolution, and have you kept it so far?

To get out and kayak more. And YES I have! I’ve gone twice! Last year I didn’t go at all, so… resolution kept. I like to set achievable goals. 😊

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