Meet the Author Lexi Post

Billie, thank you so much for having me!

  • How would your best friend introduce you and your books?

Well, I just had to ask my best friend, critique partner, and fellow author, Marie Patrick, to answer this. Here’s what she said: “Do you like to read romance? Well, if you do, then you should meet my friend, Lexi Post! She writes fantastic (and steamy) stories about cowboys and firefighters, time travel, and life on the planet Eden where there are two (or more) men to every woman. Whatever you’ve got a taste for, you’ll find it in her books. You should check her out! She’s well worth your time. You’re going to love her stories!

  • What’s your most recent release?

My most recent release is Bound by Eden (Eden Series, Tolba: Book 2). It’s set on planet Eden where the social norms are different than Earth’s.

  • You seem to write in different sub genres is that hard for you?

Not at all. I love writing in different subgenres. My stories are inspired by classic literature, so some classics inspire contemporary cowboy stories, while others inspire paranormal stories, and then Emily Dickinson inspired my whole Eden series. So I write whatever the classic inspires. My Heart of Frankenstein had to be paranormal, while my Cowboys Never Fold (Poker Flat: Book 1) was inspired by Bret Hart’s “Outcasts of Poker Flat.” The hardest transition I ever had was going from planet Eden to Regency London. Took me a few days to come back to Earth and into the past 😊

  • How many books have you written?

I’ve had 31 published. I have a couple more completed manuscripts sitting around, waiting for the right moment, LOL.

  • In your most recent book what was your favorite part to write?

My Eden series is a whole planet but each set of stories takes place in a particular “city.” In Bound by Eden, I loved writing about what the city looked like from the air, since Takoda could levitate, he could show Ro how the domed buildings were laid out in the pattern of a turtle shell. The word “tolba” is a Native American word for turtle. I also had fun with the shifters because the animal-like creatures the Edenists shifted into were so different from Earth’s. I write social sci-fi, so it’s all about the planet and its social structures and customs. It’s basically, a utopia with flaws series.

  • How do you handle writer’s block?

I actually have never had that problem. Knock on wood. My imagination doesn’t seem to know when to stop. If I’m wondering what my next scene should be, a long shower, walk, or 30 minutes lying in the sun usually shakes something loose and I’m ready to go. The hardest part is corralling all my ideas. I have ideas for 117 books and only 31 have been published so far.

  • What is your secret writing quirk?

That would probably be the fact I’m inspired by classic literature. I love the craft of the classics, but so many of them end badly. I like to imagine what could happen if they ended happily. I usually take pieces like a character or a theme, as opposed to the plot, and then run with it. For example, in Passion of Sleepy Hollow, I go back to Sleepy Hollow centuries later and bring in the original Katrina, whose village appears one weekend every year, and then I bring in a descendent of Brom Bones for my hero. Sometimes I do play with a plot like with my Christmas Carol series which is set up similarly to “A Christmas Carol” by Charles Dickens. Only in my story, I have pairs of spirits who help a young widow move on in life instead of helping a Scrooge. Oh yes, and my series is set in Scotland not England.

Oh wait, you asked about a “secret” writing quirk. Well, I guess that would be that I don’t put chapter breaks in my books until they’ve been completed and revised. I think that qualifies as a quirk, right?

  • What’s your favorite beverage to write with?

Tea. I drink hot tea all day and into the evening. I drink English Breakfast in the morning then it’s whatever I feel like. It could be an Earl Grey or a Peach Red Rooibos or my own Chai Lattes that I have throughout the afternoon. In the evening, you may find me adding a bit of Bailey’s Apple Pie to my tea instead of milk. Just sayin’ 😊

  • How much plotting do you do?

Very little. Once I know what motivates my characters, what their goals are, and what their back story is, then I just need to figure out my Big Black Moment to start writing. Usually, by time I get to the BBM, I’ve figured out how to resolve everything, though I admit that twice I wrote myself into a corner and needed help getting out. Luckily, my husband saved me. He suggested one way and I discovered the opposite would work perfectly.

  • Do you have a crutch word that you have to watch out for?

Oh yes, but it depends on the book. Each book has a different crutch word. Luckily, my awesome critique partner usually can spot it in time for me to change things up before it’s published.

  • Do you believe in aliens why or why not?

I do. How could I not? It is far too arrogant to think we are the only type of life in the universe. I also believe there are benevolent aliens and ones who are far better behaved than humans.

  • Do you believe in the Ancient Alien theory, why or why not?

I’m torn on that one. On one hand, I can understand why aliens would visit and then leave the human race to evolve as it would. On the other hand, our planet is so far from any other with life that I can believe aliens haven’t yet found us. Of course, that didn’t stop me from using the Ancient Alien theory to create Eden. The history of Eden is that the Crius took various peoples from Earth and dropped them on Eden with a few main structures, very little technology, and with no idea if they would survive, but they did and they evolved.

  • What household chore do you like the most and why?

I actually don’t do many household chores beyond taking care of our cats Whiskey and Baliey. I think I’d have to say folding the clean laundry. It’s clean and the cats like to help me with it.

  • Do you break apart your Oreo cookies and eat the inside first?

Neither. I smash them up and make homemade ice cream with my Oreos. My favorite flavor ice cream with Oreos so far has been Mint Oreo cookie with Gingerbread Oreo ice cream coming in second.

January Special Question

What was your News Years’ resolution?

To have a life beyond my work.

How can new fans get in touch and follow you?

Lots of ways!


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