Meet the author Tina Newcomb

Introducing Tina Newcomb some of you may already know her clean romances and small towns. Her latest small town is Eden Falls. Today we are going to meet the writer herself and see what kind of quirky answers she has for us.

  1. What would you say is your most interesting writing quirk? I have to have the TV on as background noise – usually a movie I’ve seen so I don’t have to watch. My favorites are Jaws, Twister, Poltergeist…
  2. How old were you when you wrote your first book? I was in the fourth grade, so around nine. It was about a girl named Toby who was involved an iron door mystery.
  3. What do you think makes a good story? Compelling characters make a good story to me. If you don’t fall in love with the characters, why care about what is happening in the story?

4. Are you a plotter or a pantser? I would love to be a plotter, but nope! I pants it the whole way. Have you ever tried to write the opposite? Yes. What happened? I’ve tried many times to plot out a story and my mind goes blank.

5. Can you name authors who have had a big influence on you? LaVyrle Spencer because she put you in the scene and Debbie Macomber because she made you fall in love with her characters.

6. Among your friends what are you most known for? I have no idea.

7. What are some obscure things that you are really into? Ha! Horror movies obviously.

8. What would your perfect morning be like? To get a diet coke, a Ghirardelli caramel square (it has to be frozen), and write all morning with NO distractions.

9. What’s your favorite app on your phone and why? Redecor. In my next life, I want to be an interior designer.

10. What household chore is just the worst and why? Cleaning toilets because I have four boys and two grandsons.

11. What’s special about writing small-town romances? I love to describe the closeness of the characters and how a secret doesn’t stay a secret for long. A scandal creates more waves in a small pond than in a large lake.

12. How do you come up with such fun and quirky side characters? My quirkiest character is Rita Reynolds. She’s a tiny woman who squawks and flaps her arms like a bird. When she gets pulled over for speeding, she sniffs the air and accuses the police officer of drinking on the job. And I have no idea where the idea for Rita came from.

13. Your towns are fictional are they based on real towns can you tell us what the real town is? I based Eden Falls on Cashmere, Washington—Google Maps is genius! I wrote six books before I ever visited Cashmere, and I did take liberties with the layout of the town because it is FICTION.

14. Eden Falls is a fairly long series was it hard to keep the series going? No. I still have characters that want their story told. Did you plot all the books at once? No. Book 1 (Finding Eden) started out as the story of four friends. A developmental editor suggested I break it into individual books and from there the series grew. How much plotting did you do at the beginning? None.

15. Which Eden Falls book is your favorite? I think my favorite is The Angel of Eden Falls. I love marriage of convenience stories. But I also love Finding Eden because it was the first book I ever put out into the world.

Special November Question

16.        Do you have yams or sweet potatoes at your house for Thanksgiving dinner? Doesn’t matter as long as it has butter, salt, and pepper!

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