The Courage to Write

Photo by Comfreak for Pixabay

It wasn’t until recently that I had enough courage to write. One day I woke up and said to myself I have wasted enough time if I don’t get started now, I might as well give it up. The fear of not writing became more important than the fear of writing. Yes, I was afraid of what people might say. People I didn’t know people I didn’t care about. I was afraid my feelings would get hurt. So, I didn’t write for all of my adult life because I didn’t want my feelings to get hurt. How stupid is that? I love writing. I prepared to be a writer. I took writing classes and Literature classes in college I was prepared to be a writer, I told people I was going to be a writer but I needed more courage than I could manage until recently and now I write daily with the point being to publish I don’t write for my edification, but to publish I feel like I’m making up for the lost time.

If you want to write I can only say to you the writing community is very supportive and your feelings will mend. Remember sticks and stones evaluate, make changes if you need to and let the rest run off your back like water off a duck. But after some research, I found seven things that might be helpful for you to try if you’re getting into writing and need courage. The information came from a book called The Courage to Write by Ralph Keyes.

  1. Don’t worry about impure motives for producing your work.
  2. Identify your censor and chief and turn him or her off.
  3. If it’s personal, revealing, and makes you queasy to think about it on paper, then you might have something.
  4. Great writers—nearly all writers are fearful writers.
  5. Fear is good fuel for writing.
  6. Accept that the work will never be as good as you imagine it is before you start writing.
  7. Always have a project on deck.

These seven little aphorisms kept in mind remind me that enough writers are afraid of writing that someone sat down and enumerated the things that scare writers about writing and they went beyond getting their feelings hurt which means I’m not alone out there. Someone presumably Ralph is sitting alongside me scared sockless when they hit the publish button.

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