Another Sneak Peek From the Novel

Photo Courtesy of Pixabay

When she got to the front of the church there was the man from the parking lot. Lucy was taken back that this was for family members and he was not a family member. Lucy remembered the man’s unshaven face and broad chest, narrow blue eyes with nice laugh lines, and a receding hairline. Lucy definitely knew exactly who he was. But not his name.

Dave Winston is a stranger who becomes Lucy’s nemesis over a stolen parking space and the fact that he has her number from the beginning. That’s because he worked for Lucy’s father for nine years and learned all about Lucy from her father. Now the two stand a chance of becoming something besides frenimies.

Dave is a family man who’s heart had been broken by a cheating ex wife now he has found a way to love again the passion between Lucy and Dave is red hot and will take your breath away. He has fallen in Love with Lucy Bingham his employer, but she isn’t going to do anything to put the farm in danger. He’ll have to come up with a plan to have it all with out endangering the farm or Lucy who doubts that love really exists at all.

Dave is the handsome farm manager that steals Lucy’s heart.

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