The Target Audience Is Your friend

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Knowing your audience means knowing your

  • Genre
  • Subject
  • Length
  • Language
  • Current trends
  • Marketability

These things don’t look like they are my audience, but they are what your audience expects when they pick up your book. Your audience will expect the length based on the genre, they will have language expectations that are based on the subject. While you write, the considerations should be that your book is for other people. You mean very little as an author without a reader and in the end, why write if you can not share it with the world? When you write to them, you can reach them and turn them into fans.

  1. Visualize who your most likely audience is. This information can be found sometimes as easily as googling it for the genre to want to write in.
  2. Consider secondary markets by doing things like larger print books or books on tape or Audible books. Not just the normal choices of e-books or paperbacks. Not to mention books in other languages.
  3. Research books that are like yours in the same genre or niche. Search for established and top-selling books within your category these are your competition. You share the same audience.
  4. Watch those leaders for the demographic trends and other habits that might not be obvious, but can provide a tremendous amount of useful information.
  5. Look for blogs written within your genre. Look at the websites of the established and top-selling book authors to see what their articles are about and who is commenting. Engage in guest posting and guest hosting activities to gain exposure to other audiences.
  6. If you ‘re having trouble, identifying your target audience, ask other authors in your genre or industry professionals for help.

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