What I’ve Read Lately

Photo by Pixabay
Touch Me: Book one of Sex and the CEO a steamy romance

Touch Me

By Jax Burrows,

For Adults Only

Felicia Bengtsson contacted me she asked that I do a book review for charity and because I’m a romance writer, I reviewed a romance novel. I chose “Touch Me” by Jax Burrows. This is 268 pages of adult fun. There is a lot of explicit sex in this romance, but don’t think there isn’t a wonderful story because there is that as well. Saphire and James, our two main characters have an exciting life where they learn to trust each other while they fall in love with each other. Saphire is the CEO of a London fashion house and James is her just hired co-CEO. The two agree to one night of pleasure to get it out of their systems. One night turns into many nights and the sex is incredibly hot and heavy breathing guaranteed.

After beating the bad guy and narrowly escaping a serious accident and a vindictive ex, the two have their happily ever after. This is a brilliant book and I give it four out of five stars.

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