3 Ways Writers Can Best Use Social Media

Photo by Pixabay

There are at least a billion and one things a writer can do with social media just ask anyone facing writer’s block, and some of them can be absolutely unproductive. Some, however, can be helpful and others are essential. Establishing your writer identity, tightening up your profile biographies, and using social media to promote yourself and your books are three that will help you get noticed by other writers and readers in the social media world which will help you sell your books.

  • Establish your identity can be done by
    • Standardizing your color palate
    • Specifying the tone of your text as optimistic? Educational? Succinct? Straightforward?
    • Collaborate with brand influencers who match your brand identity
    • Use branded hashtags
    • Create templates for your various channel
    • rTemplates make it easy to make brand-consistent material.
  • Tighten up your profile biography
    • Make sure you fill out all the sections in your biographies. For all your various channels.
    • Use a clear biography picture.
    • Take advantage of your header image. Use it to sell your new book or thank someone who has helped you that is only a few suggestions.
    • Use key-words is important for search results                         
    • Remember to add links to your Website if you have room
    • Adjust for each social media network each has different rules so keep that in mind.
    • Show off your achievements and personality

Biography Formula

  • Who you are
  • Who you help and your solution
  • Add a splash of personality and mention something you love
  • If you need to expand, you can add your biggest accomplishments
  • Always include a link to your website or offer

  • Engage with your audience using social media (this is long so buckle up.)
    • Run a Q & A session.
    • Ask fans for their opinions
    • Post cover reveals
    • Show props for a scene in a book
    • Share virtual event schedules
    • Provide a behind the scene look at your writing process
    • Update fans on writing progress
    • Show off your workspace
    • Share a quote from one of your books
    • Discuss one of your books
    • Share good news by thanking others
    • Share fans photos and art
    • Show support for other authors
    • Share your reading list
    • Create word games for fans
    • Share a playlist for a book or character
    • Promote charities and other good causes
    • Show off your pets
    • Let fans see your personal side
    • If you write a blog
      • Write regularly
      • Use an image
      • Think about creating a video
      • Write a great opening line
      • Find your voice

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