Are They Rules or Just Suggestions

I am a natural-born rule breaker. I never met a rule I wouldn’t at least consider breaking or ignoring altogether, but in writing, there are conventions that you just have to follow to be understood. The Grammarly app hates my word choice and finds it too wordy, but I stout worthy keep it just the way it is. I’m a writing rebel. I broke my hand last week and here I sit at my keyboard pecking away, thumb in a cast not supposed to move it. It hurts like hell, hell, which plays with my brain. I break rules. There are some rules you can’t break a question mark at the end of a question unless it’s a demand then a period is in order. You see, even the rules have exceptions. Here are ten rules writers should break on occasion just for fun and the need to write freely.

  1. Don’t give away the ending.

Give away the ending and make it work by experimenting with non-linear writing.

2. Create a likable main character.

Instead, create a complex anti-hero doesn’t that sound exciting.

3. Show don’t tell, you can break this one for;

Exposition back story (in short amounts)

Scenes and passage of time (transition)

Parts of (first person character narrative)

Stories (with a unique or distinctive voice)

4. Write for your audience, not yourself.

The thing is you should love what you write. You are going to spend a lot of time with your writing. You should love it before anyone else does.Write every day.

5. Writing every day is fine if you can do that, but if you can’t, or don’t want to, be a rebel. Write when you can.

6. Write what you know.

No. You miss the point of being a writer. Investigate, learn, and write what you don’t know. Write what will intrigue you. Write about what you are passionate about. Write what you love or what you hate.

7. Avoid pop culture references.

They say this because it will date your novel or short story and then no one in the far off future will want to read it. I’m not sure, that’s a true statement. So, follow it or break it. I can’t imagine not reading a well-written novel or short story because they mention or use pop culture.

8. Don’t leave a character alone on the page.

Hamlet would not be Hamlet if he had an entourage. First, the character has the author with him, and second, he has the reader with him the character is never alone on the page.

9. Avoid jokes.

If you can pull a joke off in your writing more power to you. I have no sense of humor whatsoever. It is not something I would I do have a limit to my rebel behavior. If you have a sense of humor and are funny if you can make it work for you I say make em laugh. Readers should enjoy your book and taking them on an emotional journey is a success and getting them to laugh with you is a win.

So, those are the ten rules writers can break. I hope you are a rebel and are breaking some rules. Let me know which of these rules you like to break. In the comment box below, I love you guys. Give me a thumbs up if you like this content and find it helpful. Please subscribe and share this with your friends on social media. Keep Writing and breaking those rules.

One thought on “Are They Rules or Just Suggestions

  1. Why you little rebel, you! lol. Except for the part about you typing with a broken/casted hand … I love it. My fave is number 8. I actually have never heard this rule in all my years in writing, but then again I’m good at letting my mind wander when “they” start talking about “rules”. I love having my mc all alone…doubting, dreaming, loving, hating… it’s funny because in life I stop at all the red lights, I don’t carry a weapon (I’m Canadian not American), and for the most part I respect my elders…but writing rules….pffft….I’m with you Billie. Now go let that hand heal. Geeeez.

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