When Can I Call Myself A Writer?

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We are writers,

My love

We Don’t cry,

We bleed on paper.


I’m not a very




I’m a great


When can you call yourself a writer? I believe there is a matter of personal choice. For me, I still don’t feel entirely comfortable calling myself a writer, not that it has come up. Since I started writing full time. I’m pretty bold but think the words retired are crutch words that have come to my mind, and that’s sad because.

  1. I write every day.
  2. My first book is coming out in spring 2022.
  3. I am working on my second book.
  4. I write with purpose and expectation.
  5. I’ve had some poems published in magazines.

But somehow for me in my heart, I fear the look when I say those words “I’m a writer.” That look that says who do you think you are to call yourself a writer, what right do you have? It’s a bitter pill to swallow. To know that I have as much right to call myself a writer as any writer does. Yet, I just don’t have the stomach for it. What will they say when they find out I write genre fiction instead of literary fiction?

     I imagine I am among the very few who dare to follow my dreams to take the chance of abject failure. Which I haven’t even admitted as a possibility. I have done all this then why can’t I tell the dental hygienist that I am a writer and that I write Romance novels that people enjoy. That is my goal to write books that people enjoy. I should be proud instead, I’m afraid. And avoid the question and say I’m retired. It makes me sound older than I am and less than I am. It’s a shame.  

     Living somewhere between a rock and a hard place I feel bad for not having the courage of my convictions and saying I am a writer am a poet and romance writer. And I imagine the embarrassment of saying those words, the condemnation from others. So, I hide my talent until I need to come out in the light. In my blog, where people appreciate my work. I reluctantly build an author platform trying to build true relationships online with others like myself.

     When do you call yourself a writer? You call yourself a writer when you can stand in front of someone who is small-minded and defend your choice or at least not be hurt by their choice to belittle you. That’s when you can call yourself a writer. When you can say fuck you to those small-minded individuals who are jealous and aim to hurt you and knock you down to their level. So, practice saying Fuck You to those who are openly hostile to your dream, and Fuck You to those who act superior, but aren’t, and Fuck You to everyone who says you can’t make any money being a writer. Come out of the shadows and call yourself a writer. When you are strong enough.

Do you call Yourself a Writer or Author? Let me know in the comment box below. Like this post if you found it helpful or interesting. Share this with your friends and other writers and subscribe, so you won’t miss any of my future content. Keep writing. Thanks for sharing your time with me.

5 thoughts on “When Can I Call Myself A Writer?

  1. Hi Billie. I am a writer. It’s something that needs to be claimed and owned. While we can concentrate of the small minded idiots who question–I agree just tell em to fuck right off. BUT you must take that title and live it, breathe it, be it. Imagine if someone said I’m an engineer and others went. Really? Seriously? You? It’s just a hobby, right?

    lol….those are the type of people you smile at and hand them your business card (remember no phone number on there) and walk away.

    Don’t let the imposter syndrome keep you down and constantly questioning.

    and…..be prepared.

    the first question I often get is “where can I read your work?” or “what do you write?” These again can be solved by preparation and also by the almighty business card where you say….go check out my website here….

    Don’t project onto others. If you feel you’re being scoffed at or belittled then turn and excuse yourself immediately. But if someone is genuinely interested….you need to decide.

    Own it!

    Great topic.


    1. I feel you’re right and usually, I’m pretty bold, but in this one area. I just can’t seem to get together, especially where family is concerned I just buckle maybe because they have known me the longest and have seen me through all the different pieces of myself the board room executive, the blooming artist, and now the writer, each with some success. This has the most at stake for me every time I write I feel I have the most at risk. But you are right, I should claim who I am relatives be damned I am thinking of one relative who is particularly callous not meaning to be unkind I don’t think just callous. I loved him once, but now I just tolerate him. You’re right. I feel like I’m coming out of the closet.

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