Find your Tribe and Love Them Hard

Sasin Tipchai

When I started writing full time professionally, I knew I would need a tribe. A tribe is a group of people who have the same interest who come together to support each other. Depending on the tribe this may mean regular critiques, or it may be marketing your book on their social media platforms or something as simple as moral support and encouragement, because no one knows what you may be going through as well as someone who may have gone through it too.

     Who are these elusive tribe members? Well, I have more than one tribe that I belong to. I belong to a critique group that meets monthly; it is a small group of individuals. We exchange manuscripts and then critique. I am also a member of the Colorado Romance Writers Association. It is a large tribe dedicated to the education of writers and publishers of Romance Fiction. Your tribe is going to be those that resonate with you.

     But where do you find your tribe? I found my tribe at the local library and on the internet. My critique group just had a sign at the local library for a writing group. One librarian hosts it. The Romance Writers Association is a professional association, and I looked them up online. I wanted to be with others who wrote what I wrote. If you can’t find your tribe, you can build your tribe. By starting a writing group using Meet Up or going to your Library and asking to start a writer’s critique group. This will be easier now that the world is opening up again.

     A couple things to remember to be a good tribe member and they are to contribute regularly, ask a question or volunteer to be on a committee. Support the work of your tribe members: read their ARCs post about their upcoming novel releases and do what you can to help them sell their books. Trust me, they will reciprocate.

Finding your tribe is like coming home. Suddenly you have people who understand when you tell them your characters just changed the direction of your story. Who else could understand that a fictional character that you created did something that you didn’t plan, but another writer, another tribe member?

Let me know about the tribes you belong to, let’s have a conversation. Don’t forget to subscribe to this blog if you enjoy the content and like this blog if you found this information helpful. Your like tells me what to post next time. Help me grow my blog by sharing the with your tribe. Thanks!

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