It’s Been A While

So, it’s been a little while and I just feel like I owe you all an explanation. I’ve been working on a novel that I just finished. I’ve been doing some soul-searching and have decided to recreate this site. This blog is going to be more about writing advice, publishing advice and book reviews. I may add some very nice poems once in a while, but my poetry has taken a back seat for the time being.

May 3, 2021

My name is Billie Daddario, and I live and write Romance and sex.

So I thought I’d explain what this blog is about I thought I’d try to release 3 blogs a week. I say try because. I have chronic pain. So, I’ll do my best. I have a Bachelor of Arts in Literature and a Bachelor of Arts in Technical Editing from the Metro State University of Denver and a minor in Graduate degree in leadership with a minor in Writing from Regis University and I took a Publishing class from Denver University.

I’ll cover topics like Writing Advice, Publishing Advice, and Book Reviews.

I just finished my first Romance novel and it will go to the publisher in June for a Spring 2022 release. I am doing partnership publishing with Newman Springs Publishing. I went this route because the story I wrote is entertaining I don’t have the patience for traditional publishing and I don’t want to wear all the hats of my publishing company. This route gives me an agent just like traditional publishing, a person to contact without me being totally responsible for the whole thing. I don’t have to hire anyone. I can work with their editors and artists. I feel confident that my book will be very successful.

The book is about a Real Estate receptionist named Lucy Bingham who’s estranged father dies and leaves his fortune and a farm. She falls in love after hating the farm hand Dave Winston They have sex great sex that is described in some detail and once it was unprotected that led to the birth of Julie and the creation of the family that Lucy was longing for.

My goal with this channel is to grow an author platform, to connect with others about writing and books, and to share my passion for writing and books. I think I have a unique perspective that will be valuable to others just beginning a writing career and to those who have been writing for a long time may find a gem that may be of use to them.

Next time we’ll talk about 5 ways to generate book ideas see you then.

Please leave a comment in the comment box, so I know I’m not talking to my self and like and share my video and of course don’t forget to subscribe it’s really a big help to me.

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