What I’ve Read Lately: I’m Fine and Neither Are You

I’m Fine and Neither Are You


Camille Pagan

Let me start by saying I loved this book “I’m Fine and Neither Are You” by Camille Pagan. I mean five stars loved this book. It’s easy to read even in the emotional hard places it’s easy to read. For me not every emotional book is easy to read. I loved the characters, and I found Penelope especially easy to relate to I would act exactly the way she does. This book is an absolute out of the box hit for me.

Penelope and Jen are best friends, and they know absolutely everything about each other. Or do they? Jenny Sweet dies suddenly, and Penelope struggling with the death of her friend uses it as a catalyst to get things right in her own marriage to Sanjay. In dealing with the death of her friend, she finds her own voice and her own peace.

This book wasn’t the romantic comedy that I had hoped for when I started reading it, but the writing was excellent and I couldn’t put it down.

The characters are believable and worthy of our sympathy. You root for Penelope and Sanjay and you want Penelope to find the answers that she needs about her friend. This is a great story, I can’t recommend it enough.

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