5 Things for a New Writer to Think About When Writing Their First Novel

When writing your first novel, it’s daunting to know where to begin. This article contains five things to think about as you write your first novel. There is information on everything from idea generation to editing. I hope you find the information helpful I know that as I was writing Lucy’s Choice, information like this was invaluable and encouraging to me.

  1. Come up with an idea.

An idea for generating book ideas is to brainstorm. You can work by yourself by writing as many ideas as you can think of to write about. Making a list of ideas. Or you can work with a partner bouncing ideas off each other. Remember that all ideas are good ideas at this stage.

One Way for generating book ideas is to free write, get out a notebook and pen or your laptop and set a timer for twenty minutes and free write and see what comes up. is a great idea to make an idea web. Write an idea in the center of the paper and circle in, then write words associated with that word. This could become plot points or chapters in your book.

Consider writing about your own life. Maybe not your entire life, but one part of your life. Maybe that perfect date that you couldn’t date again or your high school sweetheart. College love. Choose a significant time in your life and write a fiction or non-fiction at that moment.

The last way to get ideas for writing is to read. Reading is an important part of your job if you are a writer. You could read a book and do a retelling. Or an add on. The possibilities are endless.Next is to figure out if you are a pantser or a plotter if you are a pantser you may not need very much or any direction as you write your novel if you are a plotter, you may want a bullet list of every scene or something else to discover what you are. Look at how much control you need to decide how comfortable you are with letting your characters and the story move along as it will without your foreknowledge. If you’re a plotter, you There are books and other resources to help you plot your story.

2. Let your plot be as outrageous as your skill set and experience dictate. If you’ve been writing for a while and have a pretty good idea about point of view and tense and things like that start a style guide a guide that you can look back on and remind yourself of point of view choice whether you’ve chosen to write in first person or third person, past or present tense things like that and begin your novel. If you are a new to writing or if it’s been a while then keep the point of view to one character.

3. Get and stay motivated it may be easy to get motivated to start your but it could get harder as the days turn into weeks. Here are some things to do to keep yourself motivated.

You can help avoid by having an outline. Knowing what you are going to write ahead of time can give you’re the confidence you need to begin each writing session without fear.

4. If you face writer’s block you can try taking a long walk. A long walk with no phone or music or distractions. A kind of walking meditation. This will clear the cobwebs and help you get ready to write again.

Write it dirty. Just get it down even if it’s ugly and dirty just write stifle the screaming voices in your head and just start writing. Remember, no matter how bad it is, you can clean it up when you edit it. So just get out of you and on to the paper. Talk it out with a friend. Talk with a writer friend who can and should be able to tell you what you all ready know. That some days are hard writing days and some days are easy writing days. Enjoy the easy days and get through the hard days the best you can the sooner you write the sooner the writer’s block will be over.

5          After you have written your novel, you will need to read and reread your novel. You will need to get out your red ink pen and go to town making corrections. First, you will spell check and grammar check on the computer. The print out your novel and read it and look for more errors you will find more errors. Then go back to the computer and make the corrections and then look again for more errors and do it all over again until you are satisfied that your novel is as good as you can make it. Then you are ready to have it professionally edited if you are going the indie publication route.  Or sent out to an agent for consideration by a traditional publication route. We’ll talk about both of these later.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to leave them in the comment box below. Please help me out by liking and subscribing. Keep writing and thanks.

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