My Writing Process

For the novel Lucy’s Choice I had a very informal writing process: I was very insecure about what I was doing, but took it very much on faith that the book could be written. I started by learning as much as possible from YouTubers Jenna Moreci, Alexa Dunn and Steven King. They provided an enormous amount of confidence. They talked about things like pantser vs plotter a panster is someone who doesn’t outline their novel and a plotter is someone who plots their novel. I am for this novel a panster. They also talked about author voice and point of view. Next, I found a critique group that met at the local library that met once a month. I found their help invaluable So I was ready to begin my writing career. The advice I took from Steven King was if an idea was in your head after a couple of weeks it was a good idea. I went to pixabay and got ideas printed pictures of each of my main characters in the book. I didn’t print out pictures of side characters because I didn’t know I was going to use them until I used them. I wrote 300-word character profiles for each character I didn’t figure out their birthday or their astrological sign or whatever I wanted to know there why. Why they did the things they were going to do. The things to do. I got to know my characters a little and then I was ready to go. I began writing. It just flowed. One problem I wrote short. That means I wrote about what boils down to about 1500 words short per chapter of what I needed to complete my novel. I know where I need to write those words in. I just need to do it. Kelly is one of the side characters has a romance as well but it’s not well developed. I need to develop that a little bit. Its hard to believe that I am very close to having my novel written and hit a snag. My agent says don’t worry about it. It happens to lots of authors lets start editing it and it will all come out in the wash but I’m afraid it might not come out in the wash. So, before I edit, I want to get that story perfect. I think every author wants a perfect story.

I took me about 2 months to write my novel and will take me another month to write the changes I need to make. Because I have chronic back pain, I usually write for about 2-4 hours a day and I write lying down.

When I edit, I edit on the computer and then I edit on paper and then on the computer again. I find mistakes and missed punctuation each time but fewer mistakes every time. I have discovered that I have a habit of forgetting to punctuate at the end of paragraphs. I don’t know why I do this, but I do it none the less.

So, I know to check the ends of each paragraph for punctuation.

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