5 ways to generate book ideas.

April 23, 2021  

Hi my name is Billie Daddario I live and write sex and Romance.

Today I thought I’d talk about 5 ways to generate book ideas. I just finished writing my first novel.

First, before you do anything, you need to define your audience. Are your audience children, YA, Adults Middle Grade? Know who you are writing for. It will help you make better choices once you have gotten all the ideas you might use.

Idea number 1 for generating book ideas is to brainstorm. You can work by yourself by writing as many ideas as you can think of to write about. Making a list of ideas. Or you can work with a partner bouncing ideas off each other. Remember that all ideas are good ideas at this stage.

Way number 2 for generating book ideas is to free write, get out a notebook and pen or your laptop and set a timer for twenty minutes and free write and see what comes up. When I free write it usually takes two or three pages to come up with a good idea.

Number 3 is a great idea, to make an idea web. Write an idea in the center of the paper and circle in, then write words associated with that word. This could become plot points or chapters in your book. Through word association you can come up with an entire book idea, and the associated chapters.

Number 4. Consider writing about your own life. Maybe not your entire life, but one part of your life. Maybe that perfect date that you couldn’t date again or your high school sweetheart. College love. Choose a significant time in your life and write a fiction or non-fiction about that moment.

And number 5. The last way to get ideas for writing is to read. Reading is an important part of your job if you are a writer. You could read a book and do a retelling. Or an add on. The possibilities are endless.

These are some ideas that I will use to start my next novel. If you have a great idea share it in the comments box below. I’d love to hear your ideas and learn from you.

Happy writing



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