Monday Poetry

The Year Almost Over

By Billie Daddario

Outside, snow is falling;

Covering the remnants of autumn.

Inside there is slow jazz and a warm drink;

I don’t know why, but I feel sad.

Reminiscing, brings to mind a tough year;

I’ve seen worse, at least for me personally.

I’m still a little blue. The children in their masks.

I’ve always thought a little sad. Though they don’t seem to mind.

What I know is, this too shall pass, like water in a river.

We’ve all stepped through, whether we blame someone for getting wet,

Is up to each their own decision.

The numbers they predict are staggering;

I can’t pretend to comprehend.

I know the dead could pile up;

Maybe that’s what has me blue.

I know the dead could pile up;

Will it be my loved ones? Or yours?

Mask wearing purgatory.

Non-mask wearing hell.

Pity me I wear my mask.

When all around me I see smiles.

It’s all fun until someone you know dies.

2 thoughts on “Monday Poetry

  1. Love the strength in “…this too shall pass, like water in a river…” And sometimes, though discreet, sometimes even impossible to see, are the blessings in the moment and found later.


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