Wednesday Poetry

Tea Parties in My Mind

By Billie Daddario

The pain is piled in baskets around the room,

And the dreams and passions are crumpled

Pieces of paper littering the floor and spilling

Out of the trashcan.

Someone bring me a broom and dustpan.

I can’t look in the mirror.

The reflection shows the trip is almost over.

Time is running out.

Prop me up my knees can’t hold the loss.

Bring me a damn broom.

Sweep from east to west

It brings good luck.

Hold my breath.

Hold my spells.

Plant lavender by the garden gate.

Malignant spirits hold parties in my brain.

Unable to evict, I serve them tea in china cups,

And lady fingers with strawberry ice cream.

Pink roses and peonies on the table.

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