Monday Poems

A Jelly-Fish

By Marianne Moore

Visible, invisible,
A fluctuating charm,
An amber-colored amethyst
Inhabits it; your arm
Approaches, and
It opens and
It closes;
You have meant
To catch it,
And it shrivels;
You abandon
Your intent—
It opens, and it
Closes and you
Reach for it—
The blue
Surrounding it
Grows cloudy, and
It floats away
From you.


This poem is in the public domain. Published in Poem-a-Day on August 30, 2015, by the Academy of American Poets.


By Billie Daddario

You with your long legs and huge strides.

I try to match your pace, but can’t.

You sacrifice sacrifices.

I don’t appreciate.

You are gray and beautiful now.

I look in the mirror and see more you than me.

You hold so tight each time we part afraid to let go.

And I am no longer afraid you won’t let go. Afraid instead you will.

You forgot my name today, but I’ll forgive you.

I remember each embrace and every tear cried over injustices small and large.

When you are gone there will be words left unsaid there always are, but the important ones the ones that need repeating I have heard and said, but not enough.

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