By Billie Daddario

The words are stuck.

My brain is empty

There is nothing profound,

Or earthshaking.

The earth feels flat,

The colors muted.

There is no bird song.

I’m drained of you,

I’ve exercised your demons

Let go of so much of the dust of you.

Forgiven myself the impertinence

Of not watching you die,

But pretending we go on forever.

I know someday you will finally lay seize

To the martyrdom you crave.

For now, we will go on forever

With smiles that you bought at the five and dime.

Insincerities where there

Should be something else

Something that smells like

Lilacs and tastes like ipecac.

You devoured me,

Hoping I’d resurrect in your image.

There is enough of you.

Now we both hate

Through tin grins,

Hating what we are.

I strive to be more and more

It’s never enough

I am not you.

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